BSUK Youth Panel to promote its activities and the sports through social media

Fri 18 Mar 2011

Meeting in London on Saturday, March 5, members of the BaseballSoftballUK Youth Panel discussed the importance of social media for engaging young people in the sports, and looked at ways this could be done. Actions will include:

-- Looking for baseball and softball videos to upload to BSUK's YouTube page, with links through the Youth Panel Twitter feed and Facebook page.

-- Writing pieces for the e-newsletter Hot Corner and the BSUK website profiling the work of the Panel and individual members.

-- Writing biographies of Youth Panel members to be posted on the new BSUK website that will go live in April.

-- Publicising the sports through the YouthNet website and its related volunteering website Do-it, and explaining how YouthNet supports the Panel's work.

-- Helping BSUK collate details on social networking usage by Panel members and other young people in the sports.



The Panel also discussed the need to recruit more members, with a particular need for more female members, more members from softball and (for geographical balance) members from the West Midlands so that the sports and volunteering opportunities can be better promoted in that region.

It was agreed that to aid recruitment, a clear description needs to be drawn up around the roles and requirements for Youth Panel members.


Rewarding Volunteers

In order to support and recognise the invaluable work that baseball and softball volunteers do, it was agreed that an annual Volunteer Awards Ceremony should be started, with the inaugural ceremony to take place in September or October 2011, ideally in a recognised and appealing venue.

The Outstanding Service in Cricket Awards supported by the ECB and Natwest was sited as a possible model.

Panel members will draw up list of possible awards and also pull together a database of volunteers who could be nominated.


Best Practice

Time will be set aside at future Youth Panel meetings for people to present examples of best practice in areas such as recruiting new members, promoting the sports to schools and colleges and other BSUK-related volunteering.

This will give each Panel member a challenge to work on between meetings. It was suggested that working in pairs or regional sub-groups would be the best approach.

New Kit

All of the Youth Panel members were pleased with the new kit that was distributed at the meeting and felt that it's great to have a uniform to show that there is a Youth Panel and that they are members of it.

Next Meeting

The next Youth Panel meeting will be on Saturday, June 4 in London and will be followed by a social event.

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