Baseball 5



Baseball5 (B5) is a new, exciting, international version of the game, with two teams of five and modified rules. A growing form of the sport, and one that is particularly strong in developing countries, it is a street version of baseball and softball that is fast paced and can be played anywhere as it requires no specialised equipment other than a rubber ball. This means that the game is more accessible and inexpensive to play than baseball and softball meaning it could potentially have a much bigger global reach. B5 is inspired by similar games that have been played on the streets in Latin America and elsewhere for decades, such as "cuatro esquinas" (four corners) in Cuba and "pelotica de goma" (little rubber ball) in Venezuela. B5 is meant to imitate smaller, more urban variants of other major sports, such as 3x3 basketball, futsal, and rugby sevens

BSUK is the development body of Baseball5 in the UK, with the first games playing in 2019. 

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