Indoor Softball is an increasingly popular version of slowpitch softball, played mainly during the winter months. It's a great way to keep sharp and hone your skills while getting (or staying) fit in a fun and friendly environment.

Indoor Softball, a co-ed (or mixed-sex) sport, is played by two teams of eight players as a variation of slowpitch softball in a contained court with a pitcher pitching an underarm delivery to a batter.  However, unlike normal slowpitch softball, the aim of Indoor is to score points for the number of bases a batter reaches, while teams lose points when batters are out.  This means that in some cases, a team can actually get a negative or minus score.

The Rules

There is no standard rulebook for Indoor -- the game usually evolves to fit the site or the requirements of particular players.

Indoor softball is normally two innings long and innings are not defined by the number of outs but instead are played against the clock.

As a starting point, you can download the rules from the BSUK London Indoor Softball League here as a reference for playing the game.