Farnham Park Client Handbook

Terms and Conditions of Hire (including Site Rules)

Please read the Farnham Park Booking Terms & Conditions before submitting a booking request. In making a booking you will confirm to abide by these terms and conditions for the duration of the event.

BaseballSoftballUK has developed Terms and Conditions of Hire which incorporate Site Rules for our clients to follow during their bookings in order to ensure the safe and efficient use of our facility. As a client of BaseballSoftballUK, it is your responsibility to comply with these Terms and Conditions and Site Rules.

  1. These Terms and Conditions relate to bookings for baseball and softball events and games between BaseballSoftballUK Ltd (‘BaseballSoftballUK’, 'we') and a person or organisation booking ('booking party', 'you') at The National Baseball and Softball Complex at Farnham Park Sports Ground and /or Conniburrow Community Centre and Sports and /or any facilities within the BSUK remit.
  2. All applications for hire of any of the above facilities must be made via BSUK booking system and are subject to these terms and conditions.
  3. By submitting the Hall Master booking request you are offering to enter into a contract with BaseballSoftballUK Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under Company Number 6258953, whose registered office is at BaseballSoftballUK Ltd, Home Plate, The National Baseball and Softball Complex at Farnham Park, Beaconsfield Road, Farnham Royal SL2 3BP
  4. Contracts may only be entered into between BaseballSoftballUK and an organisation with a legal status of its own, such as a limited company, a Community Interest Company or a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, or with an individual. If the event is being run on behalf of an unincorporated organisation such as a club, league or tournament that has not been set up as a company, the agreement will be between BaseballSoftballUK and the individual person making the booking.
  5. The booking contract will be formed when we send you an email confirmation, automatic or written communication accepting your booking (and not before). This confirmation will come within 24 hours of your booking request. Until this email confirmation has been sent, the booking is not considered final. We reserve the right to reject any booking for any reason, but BaseballSoftballUK will do our best to re-accommodate your booking if possible.
  6. Within 1 week of the booking being made a 10% non-refundable deposit is due. Failure to meet this deadline will invalidate the booking. All bookings must be paid in full six weeks prior to the event. If payment has not been received, BaseballSoftballUK reserves the right to cancel the booking. The National Governing Bodies (British Softball Federation, British Baseball Federation) receive priority on bookings so are requested to pay in full at the time of booking.
  7. Cancellations and changes can be made at any point, but are subject to the following terms:
    1. For the British Softball Federation and British Baseball Federation: priority is given to your events so, once a booking is confirmed by both parties there will be no opportunity to cancel without penalty. We will assist parties to find alternative takers for these bookings. Bespoke Package charges can be cancelled with reasonable notice as long as no third- party costs have been incurred.
    2. For all other bookings:
      1. 3 Months or more in advance of the event: no charge.
      2. Between 8 weeks to 3 months in advance: 30% of the full booking amount will be due.
      3. Less than 8 weeks before the event: 100% of the full booking amount will be due.
      4. If you have booked a series of weekday evening events, such as regular league fixtures across a playing season, and need to cancel or rearrange a booking, please provide seven working days’ notice so we can try to re-accommodate your booking and minimise disruption to the remainder of the schedule.
    3. All costs for additional services booked (such as Portaloos) will be charged to you in the event that third-party costs apply.
    4. All grass fields are controlled by Council and are subject to their terms and conditions, which will be shared on request.
    5. Deposits: All users are required to pay a deposit at the time of hiring; the deposit level will be determined by the type of event and prior performance of the user. This will be refunded after the caretaker has confirmed that the premises are left as they were found and for long term users after the final booking date. The returned deposit will be agreed at the next full council meeting at the end of the month following the appropriate date. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of hire will result in non-return of the deposit.
  8. All cars are to be parked only in the designated parking areas, unless a specific written request is agreed by prior to the event. Parking outside our venues on paths, verges or roadways is not permitted. Designated mobility parking should be left vacant for necessary users
  9. Should an event be called off due to weather, acts of nature, or an unforeseen or unprecedented disruption to business (i.e. COVID-19) the following policy applies:
    1. Provided that BaseballSoftballUK, or an authorised person acting on behalf of BaseballSoftballUK, assesses that no play can take place during the event on any fields, the booker will be offered an alternative available date in the same calendar year at no extra cost. If an alternative date is not able to be agreed, a 50% refund of booking fees paid will be issued. Should play begin or you decide not to play, there will be no refund due.
  10. BaseballSoftballUK reserves the right of cancellation of any booking. If we exercise that right of cancellation, we will refund any fees which you have paid in advance, less any costs for the cancellation of additional services, except for cancellations caused by weather and / or acts of nature (see separate clause). BaseballSoftballUK will not be liable for any loss occasioned to the hirer as a result of the breakdown of equipment, a failure in the supply of electricity, a leakage or penetration of water, a fire or explosion, a government/council restriction or an act of nature which may cause the premises to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted, curtailed or cancelled. Please note that BaseballSoftballUK does not carry cancellation insurance. We recommend that all tournament organisers make separate insurance provision to cover the unforeseen cancellation of their event.
  11. BaseballSoftballUK is not VAT registered so all prices quoted are for the full amount due.
  12. As a condition of the booking, you must carry out a risk assessment by someone qualified to do so. There are a number of potential risks to participants and spectators at a baseball and softball facility, including possible personal and possession damage caused through the normal course of playing the sports. Any risk assessment should also include risks associated with contracting and spreading of Covid-19 and the related safety measures to mitigate against this. It is your responsibility to ensure that participants and spectators are aware of these risks. BaseballSoftballUK reserves the right to carry out any additional measures, up to and including suspension of the event, to address any risks identified.
  13. It is your responsibility to take appropriate measures for the provision of First Aid at your event and to ensure that participants and spectators are aware of how to seek appropriate services should they be needed.
  14. BaseballSoftballUK has Public Liability Insurance covering accidents involving injury to persons or damage to property resulting from BaseballSoftballUK being negligent.
  15. You will be required to provide BaseballSoftballUK with a copy of your Public Liability policy, demonstrating a cover of at least £10 million for your organisation, club, league or event. Individuals and groups up to six people can hire the bullpen or batting cages and be covered by BSUK’s insurance policy. It is your responsibility to ensure that teams playing in your games or events are insured to this same level and to provide a copy of your cover note at the time of booking. Should Employers Liability be required, it is also your responsibility to provide this and submit a copy of your cover note. It is also your responsibility to ensure that any service contractor engaged has sufficient insurances.
  16. BaseballSoftballUK accepts no liability whatsoever for the loss or damage to personal belongings at The National Baseball and Softball Complex at Farnham Park. This includes vehicles. Vehicles are parked at the owner's risk.
  17. BaseballSoftballUK reserves the right to refuse any person the right of admission to parts of The National Baseball and Softball Complex at Farnham Park under our control for the duration of an event booking. Typically, this right will be used when there is a risk of health and safety to the person, other participants or members of the public. We are not liable for exclusions to access when denied by third parties.
  18. All information collected by BaseballSoftballUK will be processed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018
  19. As a community site we welcome all participants and spectators. As an outdoor facility, there is limited access to some places for some people. If you or any of your participants have specific access requirements, please contact farnhamparkbookings@BSUK.com or conniburrowbookings@bsuk.com and we will be in touch to see how we might be able to assist.
  20. All incidents should be reported on the BaseballSoftballUK Incident Report Form. The form can be found using this link: http://www.BaseballSoftballUK.com/insurance/report. To the fullest extent permitted by the law, BaseballSoftballUK will not be liable for any failure to report.
  21. BaseballSoftballUK has a Safeguarding Policy. Participants, staff, spectators and volunteers must adhere to this policy at all times. Any issues regarding safeguarding must be raised with the Event Organiser as soon as possible. A full copy of the policy is available on the BaseballSoftballUK website.
  22. BaseballSoftballUK may take photographs or video at its events. Images and/or footage will be used for promotional purposes, which may include use in printed documents or electronic media, including the internet, for editorial coverage or advertising. Participants who are unwilling to allow their images to be used in these ways must inform the event organisers prior to the event. If a participant opts out, or if a participant under 18 does not have parental consent to be photographed/videoed, the event organiser must devise a suitable plan to ensure that images of that person are not used. BSUK accepts photos and video footage on the understanding that the images are compliant with our wider Photographic Policy, that all necessary permissions have been agreed, that no copyright issues are involved and that any persons or persons opting out as described above have been removed.
  23. Web streaming: BaseballSoftballUK encourages the broadcasting of baseball and softball tournaments at The National Baseball and Softball Complex at Farnham Park by Event Organisers and reserves the right to share the content on third party websites for promotional purposes.
  24. BaseballSoftballUK publishes these site rules, including pre- and post-game field responsibilities, on its The National Baseball and Softball Complex at Farnham Park website. It is your responsibility to comply with and communicate these rules.
  25. No public announcement of the hiring of the venue shall be made until the appropriate deposit or application is granted. Any publicity generated locally or nationally referencing the venue shall only be permitted if agreed in writing with BaseballSoftballUK and we reserve the right of refusal for any information released. The use of BaseballSoftballUK's logos, including those of the site, or references to BaseballSoftballUK or The National Baseball and Softball Complex at Farnham Park, will not be permitted without express written consent from BaseballSoftballUK.
  26. BaseballSoftballUK reserves the right to protect and preserve its reputation and company standing by any means the company sees fit.
  27. BaseballSoftballUK assessment of playing and field conditions is final based on a stringent risk assessment.  This may not necessarily be your opinion; we implore you to talk with us to understand the process before publicly commenting.
  28. The hirer shall not sub-let, or attempt to sub-let, grant a licence or otherwise part with possession of the premises or part thereof.
  29. There shall be present throughout each day of the hire a person or persons, being the hirer and/or nominated representative of the hirer, who shall accept responsibility for ensuring the effective control and supervision of the premises. BaseballSoftballUK should be notified in advance of the event who this person is. It is your responsibility to ensure that this person has read, understands and will comply with the Terms and Conditions and Site Rules.
  30. The hirer shall not cause or permit any person connected with the hiring to drive any nails, screws or other fixings into the walls or floors or into any furniture or fittings on site or do or permit to be done anything likely to cause damage to any part of Farnham Park or any such fittings of the venue. No notices may be affixed to any walls or in the venue (without consent). Damages caused by any notices fixed to walls or any other area will be charged to the hirer.
  31. No decorations, flags, banners or emblems will be permitted without the previous consent in writing of BaseballSoftballUK. This does not include temporary signs necessary for the safe operation of the event.
  32. No audio equipment can be used that does not comply with Health and Safety regulations. Moreover, BaseballSoftballUK reserves the right to limit the use of any device that makes noise that may create a disturbance to other neighbouring hired events or leads to complaints by attendees of the venue.
  33. Naked flames, smoke-making machines, fireworks and pyrotechnics will not be permitted on the premises without prior written approval. Applications in writing to waive this regulation must be made to BaseballSoftballUK for consideration and hirers are advised that substantial additional staffing costs may be incurred if approval is granted.
  34. No alterations, additions or connections to electrical installations on site shall be made except with prior written permission from BaseballSoftballUK.
  35. No external catering provision may be arranged without prior written permission from BaseballSoftballUK. Bookings may be subject to appropriate event, council and food regulation licenses.
  36. Organisers wishing to bring third party retailers e.g., sellers of baseball/softball equipment, must first obtain prior written permission from BaseballSoftballUK.
  37. All usage of the fields at The National Baseball and Softball Complex at Farnham Park on the Saturday of a two-day weekend event shall end no later than 15-60 minutes before sunset (15 minutes per field booked) and begin no sooner than one hour after sunrise on the day of play. This is to ensure adequate field preparation time for subsequent bookings. See Tournament Scheduling.
  38. Event Organisers assume responsibility for compliance with Buckinghamshire Council’s policy of forbidding practice on non-BaseballSoftballUK property. See Practice Policy.
  39. Under no circumstances should players hit balls into the protective netting of the fields.
  40. Please ensure that your customers park their vehicles in the car park provided. If capacity is exceeded, patrons may park at the southern end of the facility with express permission from BaseballSoftballUK or the Home Plate Bar and Kitchen. Drivers are required to observe the 10mph site speed limit for safety reasons.
  41. It is the responsibility of the Event Organiser to ensure that the grass fields are clear of rubbish at the end of the booking and that rubbish is deposited in the large dustbins situated in the car park by Home Plate.
  42. Please return the facility to BaseballSoftballUK in the same state you received it at the beginning of your booking. Any remedial work (normal wear and tear of the fields exempted) that BaseballSoftballUK has to carry out as a result of your booking (including damage to the facility and rubbish left undealt with) will be charged to you after the event at 20% of the hire fee.
  43. Please make provision for the return of any lost property at your event. The Home Plate Bar and Kitchen and BaseballSoftballUK cannot take responsibility for any items left on our premises.
  44. Buckinghamshire Council does not allow the use of drones under any circumstances at the National Baseball and Softball Complex at Farnham Park.
  45. To raise a concern or provide feedback about any matters relating to your booking please email feedback@bsuk.com call the office on 020 7453 7055 or write to us. Full information about making a complaint can be found on http://www.BaseballSoftballUK.com/complaints.