The 2024 BUCS National Baseball Championship got underway on a brisk, blustery day at the National Baseball & Softball Complex at Farnham Park, with ten teams fighting it out for the title. With 2x defending champions Loughborough absent from this year's proceedings, a new national champion will be crowned tomorrow! Make sure to catch the Championship Final on BSUK-TV here at 2:30 PM, with Chris Knoblock and Naill Grey bringing you all the action.

The ten attending teams - with two unable to make the rescheduled tournament - were divided into three groups, all playing a round-robin on 17 April. The top two teams from Group A, along with the Group B and C winners, advanced to the semifinals tomorrow, with Groups B and C playing each other to determine their semifinal placement. 

Group A Group B Group C
University of Central Lancashire Oxford University University of Nottingham
Swansea University University of East Anglia Durham University
University of Kent Southampton University University of Essex
University of Edinburgh    

You can view the day's scores on MyWBSC at the link here.

Round 1

UCLan 20, Kent 0

Edinburgh 11, Swansea 9

Southampton 8, Oxford 5

Nottingham 7, Essex 4

Round 2

UCLan 12, Swansea 1

Oxford 11, UEA 7

Nottingham 5, Durham 5

Edinburgh 14, Kent 6

Round 3

UEA 7, Southampton 4

Durham 13, Essex 4

UClan 12, Edinburgh 2

Round 4

Nottingham 14, Oxford 4

Southampton 13, Durham 3

UEA 17, Essex 13

Swansea 15, Kent 0

Tomorrow's Schedule (18 April)

The semifinals will take place at 9 AM on Fields 1 and 2 at Farnham Park.

Field 1: UClan vs. Durham

Field 2: Edinburgh vs. Southampton

The winners of each semifinal will advance to the Championship Final at 2:30 PM on Field 2, which will air live on BSUK-TV.

The remaining six teams will compete in the 5-10 placement games, with valuable BUCS points on the line. Those games will take place on Fields 3 and 4 all day beginning at 9 AM.

All photos: Jody Demay-Davies/BaseballSoftballUK