National Governing Bodies


British Softball Federation

The British Softball Federation (BSF) governs softball in this country. The vast majority of UK softball is played in the co-ed (mixed) slowpitch format but there are numerous single-sex slowpitch teams and a growing fastpitch community. There are many regional slowpitch leagues around the country whose teams affiliate annually to the BSF through their league. Single-sex or tournament teams must also affiliate in order to take part in BSF National Championship tournaments.

Aside from National Championships, there are a multitude of local tournaments during the summer. Softball has a wide-ranging Great Britain Softball programme which includes men's and women's senior fastpitch national teams, junior fastpitch national teams for girls at Under-19, Under-16 and Under-13 age levels and for boys at Under-19 level, and a national co-ed slowpitch team.

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British Baseball Federation

The British Baseball Federation (BBF) governs baseball in this country. Baseball clubs pay annual affiliation fees to be a member of the BBF and play in BBF Leagues and Youth Leagues. There is also a full Great Britain Baseball Programme which comprises youth national teams at different age levels and the senior Great Britain baseball team.

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