Last year, you might have seen BSUK-TV, a new streaming network that featured British baseball and softball broadcasts. Led by BaseballSoftballUK’s Chris Knoblock, BSUK-TV is powered by Stack Streaming (formerly Meridix), one of the world’s premier sports software and service companies.

During the pilot programme, 17 broadcasts featuring 22 teams attracted 5,600 viewers and more than 15,000 views from more than 45 different countries. Organisations participating in the pilot programme include the Windsor & Maidenhead Softball League, the Newcastle Nighthawks, the Leicester Blue Sox, Milton Keynes Softball League, as well as the British Baseball Federation and British Softball Federation.

Following the success of the pilot programme, BaseballSoftballUK is proud to announce that up to 400 games will be streamed this year on BSUK-TV, with any club, team or league registered with the British Baseball Federation or British Softball Federation able to stream games using only a smartphone, at no cost to the team. Viewers will be able to watch any game streamed on the network for free live or on-demand, with up to four games streamed at once.

How it works - Streaming

Teams interested in steaming can request a specific game time using the form here. Games are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If your team has been awarded a game slot, that will be communicated to you via email. We request – and strongly suggest – that you reserve playoff and end-of-year games first, as those time slots will be in the most demand.

All teams interested in streaming on BSUK-TV must attend a training session. There will be three group training sessions in April - click the time below to register for the session directly. 

After April, teams will have to contact Chris Knoblock to schedule a time directly.

Request a game here

Once a game is confirmed for broadcast, it will appear on one of the four BSUK-TV channels, linked below. Teams will also receive a broadcast link for direct access to their game that can be shared anytime before or after the broadcast. Games are only confirmed for BSUK-TV once the confirmation email has been sent.

For now, games will just be live streams, with the vast majority not featuring commentary. Further plans to train commentators and expand the number of games with full commentary are ongoing – stay tuned!

How it works  - Watching

It couldn’t be easier to watch BSUK-TV – click the link, and tune in. No app is needed and you can watch on any device, smartphone, or tablet!

The four BSUK-TV Channels:





Note: Most championship games – and all BSUK and Federation events - will be on BSUK-TV, as well as all archived games.

How much does it cost?

There will never be a cost to watch BSUK-TV. However, there is a $10 charge (dollars, not pounds; Meridix is a US company) to download a game. All money received from downloads will go towards the cost of running the network.

Name the Network!

BSUK-TV is a working name for the network - a permanent name has not yet been chosen. You can suggest a name here until 12 April. From 15-19 April, the whole community will have a chance to vote on the name, with the winner revealed on 29 April!

Suggest a Name


Learn more about the launch of BSUK-TV here.