The MLB World Tour: London Series returns to London in June 2024, when the Philadelphia Phillies face off against the New York Mets at London Stadium! The third-ever London Series will build on last year’s epic matchup between the Cubs and Cardinals, with festivities across the UK to celebrate during the month of June.

The London Series is more than just the games, however; it’s the lasting impact that the games have had on baseball and softball in the United Kingdom long after the final out. The Greater London Authority, Britain’s baseball governing and development bodies – the British Baseball Federation, British Softball Federation and BaseballSoftballUK – and MLB have developed a range of initiatives to help bring baseball and softball to more people and locations. Highlighted by the First Pitch programme that introduced 332 primary schools to the sports last year, culminating with three First Pitch Festivals across Great Britain in the lead-up to the series.

Read about last year’s Legacy impact here.

Of course, there is no London Series Legacy without the incredible baseball and softball community - the volunteers, staff, coaches, players, and all the participants who make our sports possible. With the attention that each London Series brings to our sports, now is the perfect time to get involved – whether you’re a softball novice, or an experienced baseballer, there are plenty of ways to get in the game!

If you’ve been inspired by the London Series to start playing, volunteering, coaching, or even build a Field of Dreams of your own, the British Baseball Federation, British Softball Federation and BaseballSoftballUK are here to help.

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Resources are available for schools and organisations that are involved in the London Series Legacy Programme. Access them on the webpages below.

First Pitch Club Pack
First Pitch Festival Tookit
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