Fastpitch Softball


Fastpitch softball in the UK and around the world is played mainly (but not exclusively) by women and girls and is the international competition format of the sport.

Women's fastpitch softball was the Olympic format while the sport was on the Olympic Games programme from 1996-2008, as well as 2020 (played in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic) and will likely rejoin the Olympic programme for the XXXIV Olympiad in Los Angeles in 2028 - where GB Softball hopes to medal.

Fastpitch is more challenging than slowpitch softball and requires more skill and game awareness, but it is a tremendously rewarding game and the format is growing in both quantity and quality in the UK.

Most fastpitch activity is based in the southeast of England, but there is also fastpitch activity in the East Midlands, Manchester and Chichester, and this will soon expand to other areas of the country.

The British Softball Federation is the national governing body for fastpitch softball in the UK. For me info contact them here

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