Facilities and infrastructure are vital parts of growing our games. Whether you have a temporary backstop in a public park, or have your very own field of dreams, BaseballSoftballUK has put together a number of ways to help! 
Below you will find three links to our Facility Development resources:

  • Facilities Fund: In 2020, BaseballSoiftballUK dedicated $50,000 of its budget over the next five years to the Facility Fund, with the goal of creating more permanent, high-quality places to play. Each year, the Fund will be distributed to chartered clubs and leagues that apply. Visit the page for all the details! 
  • Facility Features: Recipients of the Facilities Fund are spotlighted in these Facilities Features! Take a look at the impact of the Facilities Fund on grassroots clubs and teams across the UK - with an impact of more than £85,000 so far! 
  • Facility Resources: These resources will help you and your volunteers set up a diamond wherever you play! From the basics of field marketing to preferred suppliers for infield dirt, the Facility Resources are a great place to get started with your infrastructure questions

Have a question about Facility Development? Email here.