The National Baseball & Softball Complex at Farnham Park turned 10 years old last year, and what a decade it’s been! In the past 10 years, the site has grown from a single field to Europe’s only training complex with five softball fields and two international standard baseball diamonds. As the complex has grown, so to has the playing community, with more than 20,000 brits now participating in baseball and softball!

As the site has grown, so too has both the ambition for the complex, as well as the costs associated with running it. BaseballSoftballUK is keen to ensure that the site remains accessible to all those who wish to play, and that hire rates remain low, but also that the Complex is maintained to the highest standard possible, and that the site is constantly improved.

Therefore, we are excited to offer, for the very first time in Farnham Park’s history, the opportunity to have your company or organisation’s name at the Complex – with signs available on every single field!

Each sign will cost £1000, and there is no limit to the number of signs your organisation or company can have. All of the proceeds from the signs will be put back into Farnham Park, allowing us to improve the site in 2024 and beyond with:

  • The creation of a borehole on-site to allow for better irrigation of the fields and a better playing surface across the Complex.
  • The development of on-site green energy solutions, including solar and wind energy
  • Further site sustainability, both financially and ecologically, as Farnham Park continues to grow and develop

We have partnered with KGK Genix as our preferred supplier of signs to ensure that the finished product looks as professional and as smart as possible. Once you sign your contract, BSUK will take care of everything, including providing you with photos of your sign up in the outfield!

Dan Spinks, Account Director at KGK Genix (and the new Head Coach of the Great Britain Co-Ed Slowpitch Team) spoke about the opportunity to enhance the overall experience at Farnham Park, saying, “KGK Genix are happy to support Farnham Park and all future associated sponsors in enhancing the appearance of the site, to make the playing and spectator experience as special as possible, for the entire Baseball and Softball community. KGK Genix appreciates the opportunity to supply creative display services to a new audience and an ever-expanding Baseball and Softball facility. “

Please fill out the form below or here to register your interest in signage at Farnham Park and we will be in touch to discuss your individual organisational needs and how we can help. Please note that filling out this form does not constitute an agreement, and all sponsorships will be finalised with a contract. 

Signage and sign positions are available on a first-come, first-served basis following the signing of a contract with BaseballSoftballUK. BaseballSoftballUK reserves the right to refuse a sign name – so please keep them family-friendly!