As part of our Two Sports, One Ambition Strategic Plan, we are committing to encourage and enable more young people participate in baseball and softball than ever before by coordinating a children and young people participation plan. We know that our clubs and leagues will form an integral part of this plan and although the whole of the Development Charter is designed to support clubs/league working with players of all ages, we felt it important to have a section dedicated specifically to youth with information for young people interested in the sports and those wanting to work with young people.

Whether your club/league already has a youth growth strategy, is thinking of developing one, or you want to set up a youth baseball/softball club from scratch, we hope the information we have compiled within our Charter is useful to you during this fantastic and important journey.  

BaseballSoftballUK will be able to guide you on important areas when setting up your club, whether it is governance, volunteers, insurance, club development, funding, safeguarding, facilities or equipment. You can find information on these areas throughout the Development Charter online hub or via your relationship manager.

Minimum standards

It can be hard to know where to start when embarking on a journey into youth activity, we have therefore compiled a guide to get you started. This includes information on the minimum requirements from a safeguarding and coaching perspective, plus good practice for club/league communications, all areas that require extra attention when dealing with young people.

Programmes and partners

Our Development Team can provide you with information on relevant national programmes from both BaseballSoftballUK and the wider sports development or education network, as well as provide those all-important local introductions to partners that could support your youth journey.

We look forward to hearing from you!