BSUK to provide active support to National Coaching Week

Sun 3 Jun 2018

BaseballSoftballUK is happy to announce our involvement and support of this year’s National Coaching Week, which will run from 4-10 June.

Coaching Week provides an annual platform for athletes, coaches and the public to celebrate coaching in their local community, and UK Coaching is inviting people across the country to share stories about when and where they have experienced great coaching. 

Research conducted by YouGov on behalf of UK Coaching revealed that over a recent 12-month period, 9.3 million adults in the UK received coaching.  The majority found coaching to be an overwhelmingly positive experience; one which was enjoyable, motivational and contributed positively to improving their physical health and mental well-being.

BaseballSoftballUK will work closely with UK Coaching’s key partner agencies during Coaching Week, including Home Country Sports Councils, UK Sport, NGBs and CSPs to celebrate and recognise great coaching, with a specific focus on London.

Emma Atkins, Director of Coaching at UK Coaching, said, “The exciting part of this campaign is to hear from the public about what they feel great coaching is for them.  For coaching to be great it must meet our own motivations, which in turn allows us to utilise sport and physical activity to benefit and in many cases transform our lives.

“Coaching Week will allow us to celebrate coaching throughout the nation, and it is vitally important for us to help raise awareness of the broader benefits of coaching.  We want to see everyone -- from coaches, participants, parents and performers to all the organisations that deploy a coaching workforce -- really get behind this excellent initiative.”

BaseballSoftballUK coaching

For BaseballSoftballUK, Coaching Week is a means to highlight our own coaching offer, which now includes four programmes that coaches can take part in.  These include the annual BSUK Coach Summit, the new BSUK Coach Award (Level 2), the Activators Course and a new programme of CPD for coaches, which includes nine three-hour modules to choose from.  All are aimed to help improve your baseball or softball ability from a player’s and coach’s point of view.

Each opportunity has been designed to help coaches find the course or event that is right for them, based on their availability, budget and prior knowledge. 

BaseballSoftballUK will also be launching its own range of content to celebrate Coaching Week, including podcasts, softball/baseball instructional videos, and exclusive information regarding future events.


Coaching Week highlights the broader benefits of coaching and the fact that great coaching can inspire others and make a difference to people’s mental and physical well-being, as well as contribute to individual, economic and social development.

BSUK Regional Development Manager and GB Women’s Fastpitch Team Assistant Coach Liz Knight said, “I'm excited to see the inaugural Coaching Week event celebrating #GreatCoaching.  I think it’s a great opportunity to take some time to recognise the efforts of all our coaches.  We are very fortunate within our sports to have a range of coaches who dedicate large amounts of time towards bettering our game up and down the country.

“For me, one of my favourite things about coaching is knowing that no matter how much experience you have there is always something new to learn or improve on.  I like working with a range of athletes for this reason: to me it doesn't matter if it’s someone’s first-ever time playing or if it’s a national team player with years of elite experience.  There is always a range of challenges presented to coaches.

“Currently I'm doing a qualification on performance coaching,” Liz added, “but I have also learnt a lot previously from less formal routes, including shadowing other coaches within our sport, studying our game and learning from coaches from other sports.  Personally, I will make sure I take time during Coaching Week to update my coaching development plan and renew some goals so I can continue to work towards #GreatCoaching.”

UK Sport Chair and former Olympic rowing champion Dame Katherine Grainger said: “I am extremely pleased to be supporting Coaching Week.

“It is about time that we have an awareness week for coaching in the UK. The stories and success of our athletes are often well known but for millions of coaches, who work across the broad range of sport and activity from grassroots to high performance, their names, sacrifices and achievements usually go unnoticed.

“Coaching Week sets to redress this by providing a platform to allow athletes and coaches to celebrate the great work going on day in, day out, across the UK.

"The important thing to remember this week is that people are motivated in different ways and great coaching is the key to recognising those motivations, enabling people to reach their potential and thereby making a difference to people’s lives.”

Tennis coach Judy Murray, mother of double Olympic and two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray said: “I’ve been coaching for almost 30 years so I’m extremely passionate about promoting coaching and am very happy to be celebrating Coaching Week along with the rest of the UK.

“I started as a volunteer at Dunblane Tennis Club when my kids were tiny and discovered that I loved teaching tennis just as much as I had enjoyed playing.

“Great coaching is about sharing an enthusiasm and understanding of sport with others and helping your pupils improve while having fun, regardless of their age and ability.”


UK Coaching's principles of Great Coaching are centred on the acronym PEOPLE, and have been designed to help people who are coached, coaches and the wider general public understand what great coaching is.  The principles are:

  • Person-centred
  • Empowering
  • Organised
  • Positive
  • Learning
  • Engaging

These principles will be launched during Coaching Week, and will provide a focus for coaching events during that time.

Get involved

For more information on how to get involved in Coaching Week, please visit or

Join us in celebrating #GreatCoaching across the nation, and support Coaching Week from 4-10 June.  We hope to see you at a coaching event or opportunity!

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