Baseball and softball recruiting materials available from BSUK

Mon 14 Mar 2011

Last year, BSUK designed and printed a series of posters, flyers and postcards, ranging in size from A3 to A6, designed to help baseball and slowpitch softball clubs and leagues recruit new teams and players.

These materials were widely used last season, but some of them are still in stock, and clubs or leagues can order them free of charge. BSUK plans to design new recruiting materials later this year when the current stock are gone.


What's Available?

Here are the materials available, some in limited numbers:



There are two versions of the baseball recruiting poster.

One has the word "BASEBALL" in large font at the top, lots of baseball images and the tag line "Get in the Game!".

There are 150 copies of this available in A6, 150 copies in A4 and 650 copies in A3.

The other poster has the word "WANTED" in large font at the top, and the rest of the text says: "Power, Agility, Speed, Strength, Passion -- your local baseball club wants you!"

There are 150 copies of this available in A6, 200 copies in A4 and 650 copies in A3.



All of the softball materials -- an A3 poster, A4 and A5 double-sided flyers and an A5 double-sided postcard -- carry the slogan "Softball: the UK's most sociable summer sport", and feature images of recreational slowpitch play designed to tempt new players and teams into trying the game.

The back of the posters and the postcards argues the case for people getting involved in slowpitch softball.

There are 200 A5 flyers, 150 A4 flyers and 1500 A3 posters available.


How to Order

Orders can be placed by emailing Mark Parfitt with your name, the name of your club or league, your email and postal addresses and a list of what you want.

Please restrict to your order to no more than 10% of the total number of each item listed above.

Materials will be sent free of charge, by post, during March and April.

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