LGBT Advisory Panel looks for visibility with the playing community

Thu 18 May 2017

BaseballSoftballUK’s newly-formed LGBT Advisory Panel met for the first time on Tuesday 2 May in London and began to develop ideas for reinforcing a commitment to inclusivity for all LGBT people within the sports.

The Panel members received a warm welcome from North West Development Manager Luis Arrevillagas, who is leading for BSUK on the project, and who presented a brief overview of the LGBT work that BSUK has carried out in the past.   BSUK CEO John Boyd then talked  more generally about the work that BSUK does on behalf of the sports, and about the Equality and Diversity monitoring that was carried out in 2016.

Lou Englefield from Pride Sport was a guest at the meeting, and her input on funding avenues was invaluable, along with her insights and offer of support to the group.

The Panel will develop its ideas and plans over the coming weeks and months, but as a starting point the members want to make sure that everyone in the baseball and softball community knows that the Panel exists and who the members are. 

This visibility will allow people from the community to contact the Panel with ideas and to approach Panel members at tournaments and games.

BaseballSoftballUK LGBT Panel - Stuart DunlopBaseballSoftballUK LGBT Panel - Lyndsey BygravesBaseballSoftballUK LGBT Panel - Kat StockBaseballSoftballUK LGBT Panel - Katie Bennett -Hall

The Panel

Members of BSUK’s LGBT Advisory Panel are:

Luis Arrevillagas (BSUK)
Stuart Dunlop (London Raiders)
Lyndsey Bygraves (Manchester Softball League)
Kat Stock (Manchester Softball League)
Jan Bradley (Manchester Softball League)
Cristian Speroni (London Raiders)
Katie Bennett-Hall (London Raiders)

The Panel’s message is: “Chat to members of the BSUK LGBT Advisory Panel who are representing you in reinforcing our commitment to inclusivity for all LGBT people.  If you have a story to share or thoughts about how we can be more inclusive to sportspeople of all sexualities and genders, come and speak to us.  We are representing your voices after all!”

Luis Arrevillagas said, “The Panel members spent more than the originally allotted two hours at the meeting discussing very interesting points and ideas.  There is a really good sense of wanting to move this project forward and I am glad these people have put their hands up to help us make baseball and softball even more fun and accessible for the LGBT community.”

Looking forward

BSUK is planning to create a microsite on its website dedicated to its LGBT work and to initiatives from the Panel.

One of the first of these might be to ask all clubs and teams to share and support a new Code of Practice relating to LGBT participation in the sports.

Meanwhile, anyone interested in joining the Panel should email Luis Arrevillagas:

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