The month of July started off in a very colourful way with BasebalSoftballUK running the first-ever LGBTQ+ softball tournament in Leeds as part of the 2023 schedule of LGBTQ+ tournaments.

The Leeds Softball Association was instrumental in assisting with the tournament, with their new venue, the Adel War Memorial Association, hosting LGBTQ+ players and allies for a one-day fun-filled softball tournament. 

Luis Arrevillagas, BaseballSoftballUK Development Manager for the North and tournament organiser, was ecstatic with the result, stating, "I'm really happy we brought our LGBTQ+ softball tournament to Leeds this year. The local community was excellent and their new venue is amazing."

A full day of softball was played with players from Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and other parts of the country who came to celebrate playing one of the most inclusive sports in the country.

After a Round-Robin, playoff and a final that went to extra innings, the top spots were taken by:

  1. Bobcats, led by Rhiannon Howden
  2. Leeds Hooters, led by Colin McKie
  3. Proud Batters, led by Laurie Centino Salford-Ingham

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23 September - Cardiff 

07 October - Liverpool