Last year, you might have seen BSUK-TV, a new streaming network that’s been piloted this year. Led by BaseballSoftballUK’s Chris Knoblock, BSUK-TV is powered by Stack Streaming (formerly Meridix), one of the world’s premier sports software and service companies.

During the pilot programme, 17 broadcasts featuring 22 teams attracted 5,600 viewers and more than 12,000 views. Organisations participating in the pilot programme include the Windsor & Maidenhead Softball League, the Newcastle Nighthawks, the Leicester Blue Sox, Milton Keynes Softball League, as well as the British Baseball Federation and British Softball Federation. A huge thank you to all of the teams and individuals who have assisted with this year’s testing and feedback.

Additionally, BSUK-TV was the home of many milestone events last year, including the Royal Spark Challenge, the first time a professional softball team has ever played in the UK, the inaugural BBF Summer Cup, and both BSF and BBF’s top-tier National Championship finals. The Milton Keynes Softball League final and Codebreaker’s Cup, along with Baseball Scotland’s Caledonian Classic Championship were also featured.

As we approach the 2024 season, BSUK-TV is now available for all federation-registered clubs, leagues and teams to use, at no cost to them. Learn more about the 2024 campaign, and request a game slot for your team, here.


Why has BSUK opted to create a network this way? BSUK Public Relations Officer and Broadcaster Chris Knoblock explains:

“Growing up in Boston, one of the ways that I fell in love with baseball was by listening to games on the radio. Jerry Trupiano and Joe Castiglione were the first radio voices of the Red Sox I remember, and their ability to make me feel like I was a part of the game, using terms and phrases that were local to me, created a deep connection between the Boston Red Sox and I.

“As I’ve grown older, and through the 15 years I’ve been working in and around sport, broadcasting has been a constant and consistent part of the equation. Regardless of the sport, broadcasting, and by extension, the business of broadcasting, has only increased over the years with new and emerging technology, both for broadcasters and viewers at home. With teams across the breadth and width of the country, there are so many great games, home fields, and stories to share – but only if there’s a way to share them and an audience to share them with.

“That’s where BSUK-TV comes in. With very simple-to-follow instructions, and high-quality graphics built in, the system makes it incredibly easy for any team to stream their games. Not only will this unlock the storytelling potential from the grassroots, but it will create new and exciting opportunities for people to get involved in games – as camera operators, scorers, and especially, broadcasters. In addition, by using a ‘closed’ network instead of a social media channel like YouTube, we – and by extension, the teams – will know exactly who is watching and where, giving teams as well as the Federations vital information for a variety of uses – but especially for sponsorships.

“Any money earned by BSUK-TV – through sponsorship and game downloads - will go back into the operation of the network, with a few broadcast-related programmes being planned.

“When I came to the UK, broadcasting was the reason I was able to get my work visa, but the plan has always been to make myself obsolete in British baseball and softball broadcasting. As much as I love calling a game, there will be a point where there needs to be British voices calling British baseball and softball – just as I had in Boston, with Bostonians calling Red Sox games. BSUK-TV is the first foray into that planned obsolescence, by creating many more opportunities for aspiring broadcasters to get involved at the grassroots level.

“I’m incredibly excited about the potential. The more visibility our sports get, the more opportunities it will unlock, and the more it will push all of us – teams, clubs, Federations, BSUK – to create and share better content that has meaning to those we serve. I can’t wait to get the ball rolling!”

More information on registering for BSUK-TV can be found here, and you can watch all games on BSUK-TV at the link here.