MLB First Pitch is a global programme that offers fun and inclusive resources to spark an interest in physical activity, sport, and the game of baseball through play and basic skill development. Clubs can provide a great first experience for children and young people through MLB First Pitch and encourage transition from education-to-club settings.

The following graphics can be used to promote your MLB First Pitch activity locally. Some of the graphics have been designed to support volunteer recruitment, others to promote MLB First pitch activity to children and parents/carers.  The final graphic and the A3 poster template have been designed so that your club can add text content specific to your club’s activities.

Good luck, and make sure you tag #MLBFirstPitch in all your social media posts.

Please note:

You are welcome to use the graphics on your club’s website and social media channels, however the ‘MLB First Pitch’ logo and the ‘Inspired By London Series’ logo must not be used alongside any commercial brand aligned to your organisation, and must not be used in any sales materials designed to promote commercial opportunities that your organisation has available, so as not to suggest implied endorsement of the brand by MLB and the MLB London Series.

When using the graphics, you should not refer to your organisation as an MLB First Pitch partner or MLB London Series partner, as this is reserved for official delivery and commercial partner and sponsors. Instead, ‘Inspired By London Series’ allows organisations to refer to themselves as part of the MLB London Series Legacy programme.