The Academy is multi-faceted and accessible, offering technical guidance to support the skill and gameplay development of players and coaches – focusing on the core skills of hitting, throwing, pitching and base-running.

Our mission is to empower players and coaches to reach their full potential by providing resources and support. We aim to enhance the skills, knowledge, and passion of every athlete, enabling them to excel on the field. Together, we build a stronger future for the sports we love.

Whether you’re just starting your baseball or softball journey or aiming to take your skills to the next level, our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We believe in personalized guidance, ensuring each player receives the attention they need to flourish.

Training Sessions

Sessions will vary, but each will include:

  • Coaching from elite staff, including guest coaches/players from across the sporting world
  • Workshops to upskill both coaches and athletes in their areas of development.
  • A designated Pitching and Catching section.
  • So much more – with personalized packages to suit any schedule and playing level!


Over the past 23 years, BaseballSoftballUK has run the Academy as a programme to develop baseball and softball talent across the United Kingdom, with sessions taking place across the country. As the playing community has grown and evolved, and with the changes over the past couple of years due to COVID-19, so too has the Academy. Embrace the off-season with our expert coaches who will guide you through monthly training sessions, ensuring you stay sharp and ready for the upcoming season. Don’t let the winter months hinder your progress; join us and keep the baseball and softball spirit alive! We believe that consistent coaching throughout the year is the key to unlocking your true baseball or softball potential. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, our academy caters to all levels.

The Academy is a talent development system designed to help you become the best athlete you can be in your chosen sport. This prime opportunity to remain committed to your sporting life.


Click on the button below for more information about each of the four Academies - the High Performance Academy, the Fastpitch Academy, the Baseball Academy, and the Slowpitch Academy. You can also shop for Academy gear with our Official Supplier, Baseball Outlet, at the link below.