Your Sport (Baseball/Fastpitch/Slowpitch): Baseball and Slowpitch

Position When Playing: Catcher (Baseball), Outfield (Slowpitch)

Other Sporting Interest(s): Tennis, running, occasional and very bad golf

Hometown: London, England

Pronouns: He/Him

Five Fun Facts:

  • My first sporting medal was silver in the 1987 Johannesburg Karate championships. I only got that far because an opponent was disqualified for chipping my tooth.
  • I unfurled a Union Flag across the bleachers at Yankee Stadium in October 2001 in the hope Channel 5 coverage would pick it up on their coverage. They didn’t.
  • My wife is convinced I foot fault every serve when I play her at tennis.
  • At the age of 14, I turned down the chance of a try-out at Wrigley Field because ‘I wasn’t ready’.
  • Have ridden an ostrich.