Your Sport (Baseball/Fastpitch/Slowpitch): Softball (Fastpitch)

Position When Playing: 1st Base

Other Sporting Interest(s): Water Polo, Cricket, Rugby

Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa, The Ryde, Hertfordshire, UK

Pronouns: She/Her

Five Fun Facts:

  • Registered Breeder of Fawn Great Danes in South Africa. Our Kennel Name was Erilin Great Danes, at one time we had 15 Great Danes on the property.
  • All 4 our adult Great Danes were South African Champions (we are not a competitive family at all!)
  • I Have travelled to 28 Countries on 4 continents (can’t count the cities)
  • All other sporting interests above are part and parcel of the Mum’s taxi service
  • I have two older brothers – they cook really well – I don’t.