The Liverpool softball community came together on 7 October at the Northern Cricket Club in Crosby to play softball in support of their LGBTQ+ friends. While most local venues were collecting pallets of wood for bonfire night, the teams in Crosby were collecting hits!

Players from Leeds, Manchester, Lancashire and, of course, Merseyside enjoyed a cloudy, warm day and players and captains dressed to impress, drawing compliments from local passers-by.

After a full day of play, the medals were taken by Dan Strayer’s Screwballs who beat the previously undefeated LiverBirds, led by Yolie Bendall.

The most colourful team, Tailspin, captained by Gina Amos, came third overall.

We would like to thank Kellogg’s UK & Ireland for donating food for all of the LGBTQ+ tournaments this year. Players and friends have greatly enjoyed their snacks!

2024 Tournaments - Join the LGBTQ+ Committee!

BaseballSoftballUK and the LGBTQ+ committee have worked over the years with partners such as Pride Sports and supported by Kellogg’s UK & Ireland, to bring these carnival-atmosphere style tournaments to various cities throughout the year, with the objective to support our LGBTQ+ playing community and encourage new players to join our sports.

The LGBTQ+ Committee will meet online on Monday 13 November 2023, at 8 PM. Anyone can join the meeting as we want to hear from the community on further initiatives to continue to grow our sports and make them even more inclusive. To register or for more information, get in touch with Luis here.