The MLB London Series Legacy Programme will harness the power of MLB’s presence in the UK to bring the game into the mainstream. To do this, the Legacy Partners will work to build on the capacity and capability of our existing community club and league network.

BaseballSoftballUK, MLB, and the British Baseball Federation want to help you to maintain and improve your playing surface. Come and be a part of our Field Maintenance Clinic at Farnham Park, on Saturday 10 June 2023, between 10:00-12:00. With the goal of ‘being able to use what you have’, our clinic is open to anyone with an interest in the maintenance of baseball and softball fields across the UK.

Our in-person Field Maintenance Clinic will be led by Murray Cook, MLB’s Official Field Consultant. Murray has over 35 years of sports industry experience specialising in sports field & venue design, construction, game operations, and stadium management.

A jam-packed two-hour session will cover topics such as:

  • Mound and homeplate construction and care
  • Infield and outfield maintenance
  • Regulation field layout and dimensions
  • Pre- and post-game maintenance routines
  • Ballpark safety
  • Questions and answers

How do I get involved?

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Hope to see you there!