As part of BSUK’s Facility Strategy, the company has been working to identify potential venues and sites for baseball and softball fields across the UK. With Farnham Park serving as the National Baseball & Softball Complex, the goal has been to identify more places for teams and clubs to train and play in locations that are convenient and of a high standard.

Last year, the Milton Keynes Softball League used Conniburrow Sports Pavilion & Community Centre as a training and league venue, partnering with the Parish Council on a volunteer basis to help improve the site.

The site features a community centre, with a hall, changing rooms, and a professional kitchen with an outdoor patio, across to a fully fenced-in diamond. The site also features room for a second, grass field, and also has a MUGA (Multi use games area) available for rental. The MK volunteer staff worked closely with the Parish Council over the last year to revitalize the site, putting in many hours of work to create a high-quality playing field. MK also had their most successful recruiting season, with Conniburrow playing a significant role in their increased numbers.

Following their year of training and improvement, MK’s volunteer staff contacted BSUK with the opportunity to be more involved at the site.

Over the last few months, BSUK’s facilities staff have worked diligently with the local council to explore the opportunity at Conniburrow. Following these discussions, BSUK is proud to announce that the company will assist the Great Linford Parish Council in administering the diamond. BaseballSoftballUK will work in partnership with the Parish Council to maintain and improve the facility to be the best it can be for both the local community and baseball and softball players

Additionally, the Great Britain National Softball Team will now use the Conniburrow site as one of its training homes, bringing the GB programme to Milton Keynes on multiple occasions throughout the year.

“We are excited to have Conniburrow Sports Pavilion and Community Centre as an option for baseball and softball teams,” said BaseballSoftballUK CEO  John Boyd “The core of our Facility Strategy has always been to find more places for baseball and softball players to get active, and access to Conniburrow does just that. We look forward to working closely with the Parish Council and the local community to improve and maintain the facility.”

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