The BUCS National Baseball Championship got underway at Farnham Park National Baseball & Softball Complex on Saturday 25 March. The university students were in great form despite the windy conditions, and had a great day out on the diamond!

Today's results

Oxford University 10, Bournemouth University 0

Swansea University 5, University of Nottingham 3*

University of Central Lancashire 7, University of Nottingham 0

University of Essex 3, University of Stirling 2

Swansea University 8, University of Surrey 2

University of East Anglia 10, York University 0

University of York 2, University of Stirling 1

University of Central Lancashire 9, Swansea University 1

University of East Anglia 8, University of Essex 0

Loughborough University 9, Oxford University 2

University of Central Lancashire 7, University of Surrey 2

University of Essex 3, University of York 0

Bournemouth University 7, Loughborough University 6

University of Nottingham 5, University of Surrey 1

University of East Anglia 7, University of Stirling 1


*The game finished 5-5 due to time constraints; per BUCS Baseball Regulation 7.3.1, in case of a tie at the end of the last open inning, “the winner will be determined by count-back to the last team that held the lead at the end of an inning.”

Note: The University of Aberdeen withdrew from the tournament with late notice; per BUCS Baseball rules, each of their scheduled fixtures is considered a 7-0 forfeit.

Standings After Day 1

Unfortunately, due to inclement weather and wet field conditions, day two of the BUCS National Baseball Championship was called off. Further updates will be provided as they become available, and BaseballSoftballUK would like to sincerely thank the teams, players, staff, and umpires for their patience and understanding.

Photos: Jody Demay-Davies