The British Baseball Federation is delighted to announce that individual participant (players, coaches, managers, umpires, scorers and administrators registration is now open.

Each club must get its players to register at this link as soon as possible.

BBF Participant Registration 2023

All participants (players, coaches, managers, umpires, scorers and administrators) are required to register using this form. 

This registration is for individuals that participate in a Senior's (14+) and or a Women’s baseball team, who are linked to a BBF registered club, and for umpires. 

For Seniors players under the age of 18, their parent/guardian MUST complete this form on their behalf, entering the child's name/date of birth etc., but entering the contact details of themselves only instead of their child's contact details.

One registration per individual only. However, if you are linked to two or more teams (e.g., Women's Team and Seniors Team), enter the other team(s) you are linked to.

IMPORTANT: Before registering, players should check that their affiliated club is registered first - this is not required for umpires. Personal accident insurance is provided through the membership of your BBF registered club and therefore will only apply if your club is registered.


Each season we have to set up team administrators for each team. Therefore, please send the name(s) and email address(es) of the team administrator for each team in your club who will be given access to create their team roster. 

If you have one person in your club who performs this for all or only some teams then, please specify the teams the person needs the role assigned to them.

You can create a team email rather than use an individual’s email so that more than one person can manage the roster by sharing the login credentials (e.g. or

Please email with the information requested above and we will confirm directly with the team administrators when they are set up and provide instructions. 

Further information is available here.

NB: The BBF previously posted on the Spind app about set-up of team admins and scoring set up, but the request for email address was omitted – the Spond post will be edited to focus on scoring, and the BBF asks those that have responded so far about team admins to email with the email addresses of the team admin(s).