The new BSUK website home page

BaseballSoftballUK is excited to announce the launch of the NEW!

Replacing the previous website, which was first created in 2011, the new features an upgraded user experience, new communications features, a reorganised site map, and a streamlined content offering – all designed to make the site more accessible and user friendly. Mobile BSUK Home Page

The new website is the first BSUK website to be mobile friendly and represents a substantial improvement in BSUK’s digital presence.

In addition to the mobile usage, the new site has a live chat feature, and is integrated with Hubspot CRM, allowing better communication between users and BSUK’s staff. The new site also features a number of improvements in accessibility, to help extend the website’s usefulness to all those who want to participate in the sports of baseball and softball. 

BSUK Project Lead and Head of Operations Erica Barrett remarked that, “This website upgrade is an important step toward improving BSUK’s accessibility, communication, information, and engagement for the playing community. We are excited to have this new piece of technology that is adaptable and scalable to the needs of the user.”

The website was created and developed by Crayte, owned and operated by Tim Stride. He commented, “From a design point of view, the aim was to give the new website a sharp, clean design that expanded the use of screen space on wide desktop screens while also providing a mobile-friendly experience on smaller handheld devices." 

Stride continued, "The site brings together various elements of BaseballSoftballUK's content, some of which had spun off into separate satellite websites over the years, including Farnham Park, Home Plate Bar and Kitchen, and Hit the Pitch. Here, a challenge was to improve visitors’ ability to navigate and filter that range of information and resources. To that end, the new site has dedicated sections for each of the key aspects of BaseballSoftballUK's work, with clearer navigation links and action buttons within each.  A suite of content management tools and flexibility was provided ‘under the hood’ to aid BSUK staff to update and present that information going forward.”

For more information about Crayte’s services, please get in contact by email. For questions or feedback about the new website, please email