As the outdoor season gets underway and the days get longer, clubs and leagues from across the UK have enquired about booking fields at Farnham Park National Baseball & Softball Complex, BaseballSoftballUK’s bespoke facility in Buckinghamshire.

Following extensive consultation with the British Softball Federation, British Baseball Federation, independent teams, local members of the community, and the South Buckinghamshire Council, BaseballSoftballUK has announced the rates to hire Farnham Park’s facilities for 2023.

2023 Rates

BaseballSoftballUK’s staff worked incredibly hard to ensure that the impact of the cost of living was minimised as much as possible for the upcoming year. As a result, the rates at Farnham Park have increased by a below-inflation average of 8%, with added flexibility now available for each booking. The 8% increase was the smallest possible increase that BSUK could make while continuing to provide the expected experience on and off the field at Farnham Park.

The new flexible booking arrangements at Farnham Park include the ability to book the batting cages, a new pitching machine (thanks to our friends at Net World Sports) and bullpen on an hourly basis, rather than a half day/whole day period as in previous years. In addition, for the first time ever, BaseballSoftballUK has committed free training to each and every National Team representing Great Britain in baseball or softball – regardless of the sport’s format, they will have a home at Farnham Park.

Since its inception in 2013, Farnham Park has operated on a break-even proposition, with booking fees going to cover the cost of operating the complex, as well as improving the site on a yearly basis. This has been reflected in the five fields built over the last 10 years, with the vast majority of the funding coming from field hire. In addition to Farnham’s break-even plan, 20% of all money spent at Home Plate Bar & Kitchen is returned directly to the operation of Farnham Park and the wider baseball and softball community, meaning that the money you spend at Farnham helps the development of baseball and softball nationwide!

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Please note that the booking process has for 2023 using the HallMaster System, and a user guide can be downloaded here. A diagram of the booking process is below:

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Please note that many dates have already been reserved for Federation events – such as the Great Britain Fastpitch League, the National Baseball Championship, and the Softball World Series.

Great Britain National Team Officers can book free time for their specific team and will be confirmed no later than three weeks prior to the requested date; they should book through

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