BaseballSoftballUK, the development agency for both sports in the United Kingdom, is excited to announce the launch of the third round of applications for the Facilities Fund.

As part of BaseballSoftballUK’s 2020-2024 Two Sports One Ambition Strategy, launched in August 2020, BSUK reaffirmed its commitment to help grassroots baseball and softball clubs and leagues across the UK to become stronger, safer and more sustainable. One such way that BSUK supports clubs and leagues is through funding infrastructure projects, helping to create more places to play baseball and softball. BSUK committed £10,000 per year to the Fund for five years, starting in 2021, and any Development Charter Clubs, Leagues, or Organisations are eligible to apply for up to £5,000 in funding.

In the first two years of the Facilities Fund, BSUK has distributed more than £22,600 to thirteen different clubs and organisations, each who have been evaluated by an assessment panel. Each of the recipient clubs and organisations were required to match funding as part of the application process, meaning that almost £50,000 has gone directly into facility development across the UK in the last 24 months. Last year's successful recipients were Brighton Baseball Club, Herts Baseball Club, The Leicester Diamonds & Leicester Blue Sox (joint application), Norwich Iceni Baseball Club, Worcester Baseball Club, and the Wragby Warhammers Baseball Club.

Visit the Facilities Fund page here.

“We continue to be impressed by the level of applications received for the first two years of the Facilities Fund”, said Luis Arrevillagas, BaseballSoftballUK Development Manager and Facilities Fund lead. “Clubs have improved their governance by looking at what’s required for the application process which we know it’s going to help them apply for other grants, get better facilities and in term grow. We want to see applications from both baseball and softball clubs and leagues, even better if they can work together on this.  I can’t wait to see the third round of applications coming in.”

The Fund is open to any not-for-profit club, league or association who has registered under the Development Charter, and clubs who have not done so can register here. All British Baseball Federation and British Softball Federation clubs are automatically enrolled. Clubs or leagues wishing to apply for funding will have to meet strict criteria, and your BSUK relationship manager will guide you through the process and application.

In running the Facilities Fund and by committing £50K over five years, BSUK has committed a large amount of resources to develop fields and facilities across the United Kingdom. If your company or organization is interested in supporting the Fund, please get in touch

 Contact Us.