Getting outdoors to play baseball or softball on a sunny day is one of life’s joys; however, we all need to be mindful of the long term risks of over-exposure to the sun - yes even in the UK!

While in the sun for several innings, regardless of your skin type, you can be in danger of sunburn without proper protection, which can damage your skin in many ways. Sunscreen is often avoided by many of us due to the dreaded greasy grip – especially for pitchers -  and, when sweating excessively, stinging eyes, through the transference of product. 

However, there is a simple solution; either use an applicator or choose a sweat-resistant sport-specific sunscreen. There are a range of brands, and these should always be applied before starting an activity.

In both baseball and softball, there is typically a lot of time spent on the diamond without shade, so ensure that you are wearing light but protective clothing, a cap and sunglasses, and be sure to apply sunscreen to those exposed areas. When taking a break or spectating, ensure that you find a shady spot and rehydrate. These are simple actions, but once you add them to your radar you will develop these as habits, and can pass these on to others!


It only takes one blistering sunburn to more than double the chances of getting melanoma, and with over 410 cases of skin cancer diagnosed each day, this is a cancer that has doubled since the 90’s. It’s a risk that needs to be taken seriously, specifically if you play, spectate or work in sport.

Sunguarding Sport

BaseballSoftballUK is supporting Sunguarding Sport, a new campaign by the Melanoma Fund, set to launch Today, the 3rd of May. This free online resource contains guidelines for all in sport and outdoor recreation, as well as tips for specific sports including baseball and softball. 

Luis Arrevillagas, BaseballSoftballUKDevelopment Manager, has agreed to become a Sunguard ambassador for the campaign, and commented on the campaign, saying,” 

“Our events are run outdoors during the warmer months,and we encourage people to get out and enjoy the sun; therefore, we have a responsibility to make sure people are protecting themselves accordingly. We are also responsible for informing and providing people with the tools to protect themselves, and this campaign really helps us achieve this”.

Top tips

Here are the campaign’s top 5 tips for keeping sun-protected throughout the summer:

  • Apply a broad-spectrum product with an SPF30 or higher, paying special attention to your ears, nose and other areas which are especially sensitive and prone to burning.
  • Using a sunscreen applicator, or keeping a small towel handy, is a good way to avoid a greasy grip whilst playing.
  • It’s no secret that matches can last a long time, so get into the habit of applying sunscreen before you start activity.
  • Once applied to the skin, reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, or more often if you are prone to excessive sweating.
  • Is the sun in your eyes as you’re going for a catch? Wear wraparound sunglasses with 100% UV protection.

Leave your inning with a strikeout or a single, not a sunburn. For further details on all aspects of sun protection in sport, visit the Sunguarding Sport campaign at