Over the past 22 years, BaseballSoftballUK has run the Academy as a programme to develop baseball and softball talent across the United Kingdom, with sessions taking place across the country. As the playing community has grown and evolved, and with the changes over the past couple of years due to Covid-19, so too has the Academy.

With BaseballSoftballUK’s new Performance Department in place, under the supervision of Head of Performance Systems Gary Anderson, the Academy will become a vital part of talent acquisition, development, and performance in the United Kingdom. As the programme is fully unveiled over the next weeks and months, BaseballSoftballUK is delighted to launch the new Academy LITE programme this autumn for Fastpitch Softball.

The Academy LITE programme will commence on the weekend of 22-23 October 2022 with a special launch event and will run over four follow-on weekends this autumn and winter. As a special introductory offer, the first weekend price is just £60 – a 20% discount over a standard weekend!

Sessions will vary, but each will include:

  • Coaching from elite staff, including elite guest coaches from across the sporting world
  • Workshops to upskill both coaches and athletes in their areas of development
  • A designated Pitching and Catching section
  • Player performance tracking – to begin in 2023
  • So much more – with personalized packages to suit any schedule and playing level!


  • Location: Alan Higgs Centre, Coventry
  • Dates and times
    • Special introductory weekend - 22 October (10:30 AM - 7 PM) + 23 October (9 AM - 7 PM)
    • 12 November (12 N - 7 PM) + 13 November (9 AM - 6 PM)
    • 19 November (9 AM - 6 PM)  + 20 November (9 AM - 6 PM)
    • 10 December (9 AM - 7 PM)  + 11 December (10 AM - 6 PM)
    • TBA January Weekend
  • Cost: £50 per day; packages are available for weekends or the full session at the link below.

Register here or below: