BSUK-TV is the United Kingdom's home to watch British baseball and softball - for free! This webpage is designed to give you the knowledge needed to stream on the network, share your club's games on social media, add a game tracker (scorebug) and more. 

If you can't find the information you need on this page, click here to email Chris Knoblock. If you need further, one-on-one help, schedule a time to meet with Chris here.

Important Links

  • Watch BSUK-TV: Link
  • Request a game slot on BSUK-TV: Link
  • Name the Network: Link

Meridix Resources

  • Meridix - Getting Started: Link
  • Meridix - Recommended Equipment: Link
  • Meridix - Documentation: Link

Downloadable Resources

  • BSUK-TV User Guide - Broadcasting with the Meridix App: Download
  • BSUK-TV FAQs - Audience: Download
  • BSUK-TV FAQs - Broadcasters: Download
  • BSUK-TV - Using the Scorebug: Coming Soon

Video Tutorials