BSUK’s points-based System Immigration Appeal Policy

Any appeal by a Member / Partner Organisation against the decision of BaseballSoftballUK (BSUK) not to provide a Governing Body endorsement for either an individual migrant or for a sponsor licence will be dealt with by the independent dispute resolution service for sport: Sport Resolutions

If a Member / Partner Organisation wishes to instigate an appeal pursuant to this Procedure, the Member / Partner Organisation must submit to the CEO of BSUK a written request for an appeal (“the Appeal”) containing the following details:

the name and address of the Member / Partner Organisation (and of the nominated body representative); and

a brief statement stating the grounds that the Member / Partner Organisation wish to use to appeal the BSUK decision.

The applicable grounds for appeal are limited to a “strong arguable case” that either:

  1. relevant information was ignored or not considered by BSUK, or
  2. the endorsement application process was tainted by unreasonable bias or conflicts of interest; or
  3. the provisions of the BSUK Governing Body Endorsement were not adhered to; or
  4. BSUK exceeded its jurisdiction; or
  5. The findings of BSUK were irrational or otherwise exhibited an error of general law.

The panel will make a decision using the above criteria which shall be final and binding. There are no other grounds of appeal.  

This request for appeal must be submitted within fourteen (14) days of the notification of the original BSUK decision not to provide a Governing Body Endorsement and include the relevant Appeal Fee (£125, cheque made payable to Sports Resolutions).

BSUK will acknowledge the Appeal in writing with the request that full written evidence in support of the Appeal must be submitted to Sports Resolutions within ten (10) days for the Appeal to proceed.

The Appeal will be undertaken by a sole arbitrator, based on written submissions only, and will be final and binding on BSUK and the Member / Partner Organisation who sought the appeal.