The steps for reporting an incident

1. Details should be captured in writing at the time of the incident when they are still fresh in the minds of those present. Incidents are most likely to be injuries to an individual or damage to property. It would be ideal if the incident report is compiled by a team captain, umpire, coach or event organiser, by speaking to the people involved and any witnesses.

Please use our standard incident report form as a guide to what information is required. We suggest clubs have some copies of the incident report form at games or training sessions so that all the information can be quickly captured.

2. In the case of an incident that might lead to a claim on the civil liability insurance (i.e. where someone might claim negligence on the part of your club) it is crucial you do not admit liability or agree to pay for any damage caused as this could result in the insurers not meeting the claim. The club should not issue compensation payment on the assumption that it will be reimbursed when the insurance claim is processed. Liability will be assessed by the insurers should a claim subsequently arise.

3. The incident report should be submitted to BaseballSoftballUK as soon as possible. To do this, please complete our online form (through the button above) using the information you compiled at the time. Copies of the report will also be emailed to the relevant federation, the league welfare officer (in the case of softball leagues) and yourself.

4. If a subsequent insurance claim arises, the insurers will refer to the submitted incident report for information. They might also need to follow up with those involved to help in assessing the claim. Communication between the insurers, claimants and other relevant parties is usually handled through BaseballSoftballUK.

If you have any questions, please contact BaseballSoftballUK.


Report an Incident

Download the printable incident report form