BSUK invites applications for facility grants

Tue 29 Mar 2011

Applications are now invited from the baseball and softball communities for facility grants for projects that can be completed by March 31, 2012 and that are designed to enhance and develop existing facilities.

The deadline for submitting applications is April 15, 2011.

Two sources of money are available:

1) Grants from BSUK. There is no limit on the amount that can be applied for, but these grants require match funding.

2) Sport England Small Grants. These have a limit of £10,000, and BSUK can help with the application process.

To discuss these options, please contact your BSUK Point Person as soon as possible.



Three documents relevant to the application process can be downloaded from this web site:

1) The BSUK Small Grant Application Form.

2) The Small Grants Programme 2011: guidance notes for completing an application.

3) The Small Grants Questionnaire: a pre-application check list.

Applications for a Sport England Small Grant need to be made through the Sport England website.



As part of the current Whole Sport Plan, but taking into account government cuts, BSUK will receive £150,000 from Sport England in 2011-2012 and £140,000 in 2012-2013 to build or improve baseball and softball facilities throughout England.

BSUK will be expected to match this funding.

While BSUK will direct the spending of a percentage of this money into the development of new dedicated facilities, a substantial portion is being made available to clubs and leagues through the BSUK Facility Grants Scheme, with further funding possibilities available through the Sport England Small Grants programme.

BSUK Facility Grants are designed to grow and sustain participation in baseball and softball, as well as increase satisfaction within our playing communities through the improvement of local facilities.

The BSUK Facility Grants programme is open to any legitimate not-for-profit club, league or association within the baseball and softball communities in England.

Individuals, or organisations established to make a profit, cannot be funded through this scheme.


Grant Conditions

A detailed explanation of the conditions that must be met to receive a BSUK Facility Grant can be found in the documents linked above.

Some of the key conditions are:

-- Your project must be delivered in the financial year the grant is made, and so must be completed by March 31, 2012.

-- Projects must obtain an agreed lease or community use agreement of at least five years for grants up to £5,000, and 10-year agreements for grants between £5,000 and £10,000. Grants above £10,001 require a minimum lease of 21 years on the facility where the grant is being spent.

-- To be successful, grant applications must demonstrate how the project will increase participation and satisfaction within baseball and/or softball and how it will be sustainable into the future.


How to Apply

First, determine whether your project is eligible to receive a BSUK Facility Grant by completing the pre-application checklist and reading the guidance notes.

For Sport England Small Grant applications, comparable information and checklists are available on the Sport England website.

Then complete the BSUK Application Form (use the link above to download it or request a hard copy by calling 020-7453-7055

In addition to your Application Form, please submit all documents required and any further documents that you feel will enhance your application by emailing Brendan Cunliffe or by post to:

Brendan Cunliffe
Ariel House
74a Charlotte Street
London W1T 4QJ


Success or Failure

If you are awarded a grant, BSUK will issue you with an award letter detailing the amount of the award, what it will be spent on and the terms and conditions.

You must formally accept the award with four weeks of the date on the  award letter.

If your project is unsuccessful, you will receive a letter from BSUK explaining why your project was not selected and what you need to do to improve your chances of funding from BSUK or other organisations in future.

Good luck!

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