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    Manchester concludes successful Autumn Indoor Softball season

    On Tuesday 5 December, players and organisers waved goodbye to the eighth season of the Manchester Indoor Softball League, established in 2014, when this year’s Autumn schedule came to an end.

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    University baseball and softball blossoms as the weather turns

    While the rest of the baseball and softball community either goes into hibernation or shifts indoors during the autumn, university baseball and softball has been getting its 2017-18 season underway.

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    Games get under way in the North West Junior Baseball/Softball League

    BSUK staff in the North West have been running junior sessions for the past two years, with the aim of developing a local league.  This plan came to fruition on 12 November when the first indoor game of the current school term was played.

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    BSUK announces new safeguarding requirements

    In light of the many historic child abuse cases coming forward in football over hte past year, BSUK (which has delegated responsibility for safeguarding in our sports) has undertaken a thorough review of current proceedures and has instigated proposals to reduce the risk of a safeguarding issue damaging the reputation of our sports.

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    Fastpitch softball demonstration a success at NUSC

    Over 50 university women took a break from competing at the National University Co-ed Slowpitch Softball Championship at Farnham Park on the weekend of 14-15 October to try their hand at hitting fastpitch pitches thrown by GB Softball’s sophisticated pitching machine.

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    Baseball and softball leaders gather for the 2017 WBSC Congress

    Baseball and softball leaders from over 100 countries are arriving in the African nation of Botswana today to participate in the second World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Congress, which opens on Thursday in the capital city, Gaborone.

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    LGBT groups feature in North West development work

    Working with LGBT groups has been a priority for BSUK’s North West development team for a number of years, and BSUK’s partnership with Pride Sports in Manchester has shown the LGBT audience there how inclusive a sport softball is.

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    St. James’s Place team wins second tournament in a month in Manchester

    The St. James’s Place team Flyin’ Lions, a corporate softball team from the financial management industry, won their second tournament in a month on Saturday 19 August at the St. James’s Place Foundation Family Fun Day & Softball Tournament, played at Bowdon Rugby Club in Altrincham.

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    Workplace Challenge Softball gets under way in Bristol

    Bristol became the latest area to offer softball as part of BSUK’s Workplace Challenge programme when six teams from local companies got together at the end of August to give softball a go.

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    Sport and Recreation Alliance presents Emeritus Award to Jenny Fromer

    The Sport and Recreation Alliance has presented Jenny Fromer, former Joint CEO of BSUK, with an Emeritus Award for her long-term service to baseball and softball.

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