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    Schedule set for Farnham Park Opening Day

    BSUK has announced an exciting schedule of events for the official Opening Day at Farnham Park Sports Ground on Saturday 20 July to celebrate the creation of purpose-built baseball and softball diamonds on the site, with the BBC’s Colin Murray confirmed as the presenter for the Opening Ceremony.

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    Farnham Park official Opening Day set for 20 July

    An official Opening Day and ceremony to mark the completion and use of the UK’s first dedicated baseball and softball facility at Farnham Park will be held at the new fields on Saturday 20 July.  The event will be open to the public and will be attended by members of the domestic and international sporting communities.

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    Softball play begins at Farnham Park!

    Softball play begins at Farnham Park!  Three years after starting the project, BSUK opened the UK’s first purpose-built baseball and softball complex at Farnham Park Sports Ground in Buckinghamshire during the first week of June with school, league and tournament softball play – and to great acclaim.  One long-time player said: “The sport has finally grown up!”

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    Farnham Park due to open in early June

    The much-anticipated opening of the first purpose-built community baseball and softball complex at Farnham Park in Buckinghamshire is approaching fast.  The Farnham Park Management Committee (FPMC), formed by BSUK to oversee the development, has announced that play may be able to start at the new facility as soon as early June, with a formal Opening Ceremony planned for Saturday 20 July when there will be both high-level baseball and softball activity on the site.

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    Farnham Park: Questions and Answers

    Construction work on new dedicated baseball and softball pitches at Farnham Park near Slough is almost complete, and BSUK has been fielding a lot of questions about when the pitches can be used, who can use them, and conditions and costs.  Click through for some answers.

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    Farnham Park Management Committee gets underway

    BSUK has formed a Management Committee, made up of BSUK staff and community members, to oversee operation of the new purpose-built baseball and softball facilities at Farnham Park, with some members of the Committee still to be appointed.  But the group held a productive first meeting on January 24.

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    Developing BSUK Podcast: Episode 1 - Stan Doney

    This is the first in a new series of podcasts from BaseballSoftballUK where, in each episode, we will speak with a different member of the BSUK Development team to give you an insight into their work and the latest developments in their region.

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    Farnham Park facilities near completion

    The new dedicated baseball and softball diamonds being built by BSUK at Farnham Park near Slough are nearing completion.  Grass has been seeded, and how well it grows and beds in over the winter will determine when in 2013 the fields can be used.

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    BSUK and BSF to share new staff role

    BSUK and the BSF have come to an agreement to share the cost of a new BSUK staff position that will be appointed before the end of November.  The main responsibilities of the post for the BSF will be to direct national team programmes and the Great Britain Fastpitch League, while responsibilities for BSUK will include talent development, oversight and management of the new facilities being built at Farnham Park and the development of community programming in the area served by Farnham Park.

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    Farnham Park pitches to be ready next summer

    BSUK is currently building dedicated baseball and softball fields at Conniburrow in Milton Keynes and at Farnham Park near Slough.  The last issue of Hot Corner had details of developments at Conniburrow; this issue focuses on progress at Farnham Park, where three fully equipped and flexible fields are being built that will provide four different diamonds for baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch play.

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