Tenure: 3 years

Your Sport (Baseball/Fastpitch/Slowpitch): Fastpitch Softball

Position When Playing: Pitcher

Other Sporting Interest(s): Volleyball

Hometown: United States

Pronouns: They/Them

Five Fun Facts:

  • A loud and proud nonbinary trans person;
  • Loves videogames, anime, and playing dungeons and dragons;
  • Graduated BU with a drawing, painting, and photography degree;
  • Has played professional fastpitch in New Zealand (4 seasons), Australia (1 season), Czech Republic (2 seasons), Germany (1 season), Poland (1 season), and The Netherlands (going into 5th season in 2022);
  • Played Division I basketball for 4 years before joining the softball team for 1 year before continuing overseas after graduating;