Webinar on grants and funding will be the first of many

Wed 17 Jun 2015

On Tuesday evening 16 June, the BBF and BSUK co-hosted a Webinar on Fundraising and Grants for clubs, and further Webinars will follow over the coming months.  The aim is to share more development knowledge among affiliated baseball and softball clubs and teams across the UK.

For the Webinar on 16 June, the BBF invited John Boyd and Will Lintern from BaseballSoftballUK to co-present on how clubs can raise money through grant applications and other means.

Track record

BSUK, the development agency for baseball and softball, has a good track record of bringing money into the sports.  The most obvious examples are the Whole Sport Plan funding from Sport England that facilitates growth and development along with the capital funding that built Farnham Park, will build the new facility in the North and has supported several clubs with backstop grants in recent years. 

What is less well known is the amount of money that BSUK has helped clubs draw down to pay for development activities such as schools programmes, coach development, taster days and even starting new teams.

In the past 14 months BSUK has helped clubs across England bring in over £50,000 of Sport England Grant money.

Webinar slides

Those who were unable to attend the Webinar on Fundraising and Grants can download the slides used in the presentation here.

The full session will be posted online as a podcast in the near future.

Future topics

The BBF and BSUK are planning to collaborate on future Webinars in future.  Likely topics will include:

  • Recruiting for and starting a Little League for youth baseball.
  • Coaching – how to make the playing experience exceptional.
  • Developing throwing strength and arm care.
  • Five ways to make your club great.
  • Field maintenance and facility development
  • How to develop pitchers.
  • … and many more.

Dates and times for additional Webinars will be published in the coming weeks.

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