North West Series gets under way in 2019 with Comp and Rec days

Mon 15 Apr 2019

The North West Co-ed Slowpitch Series returned to Manchester for its third year on the weekend of 13-14 April with a one-day Rec Tournament on the Saturday and a Comp Tournament on Sunday.

Rec Tournament

Saturday kicked off a little on the chilly side, but some breaks in the cloud allowed the sun to shine through from time to time.

Ten teams entered the Rec competition, including three teams who were so new that this was their tournament debut following some excellent recruitment by both the Manchester and Leeds Softball Leagues over the winter.

The teams were split into two groups for an initial round-robin, then the top three teams from each group played for the chance to win Gold, Silver or Bronze trophies.

The Bobcats beat the Tigers by 11-9 in the Rec final and were elated to win the Gold trophy.  Thunder II beat Freeze to earn the Silver trophy and Yorkshire Dales fought off Meteors to take home the Bronze Trophy.

Final standings

The final standings were:

1 – Bobcats (Gold Winner)
2 – Tigers (Gold runner-up)
3 – Thunder II (Silver winner)
4 – Freeze (Silver runner-up)
5 – Yorkshire Dales (Bronze winner)
6 – Meteors (Bronze runner-up)
7 – Rippers
8 – Leeds Rec
9 – Stingers
10 – Swingers

As this was the first of three tournaments in the 2019 North West Series, those positions may well change by the end of the summer.

BSUK North West Coach Linni Mitchell, organiser for the North West Series, said: “This is the seventh one-day Rec tournament since we launched the Series in 2017.   Our aim was always to give local teams a chance to play more tournaments and I think we have accomplished that.  To have three brand-new teams competing is fantastic.  These tournaments allow players new to the sport to get involved and flourish, getting to know the rules and tactics game by game.

“We really value the team captains’ efforts,” Linni added, “and team satisfaction is very important to us.   Thankfully, teams are always appreciative and praise the North West Series, and for that we are very proud.”

Luis Arrevillagas, North West Development Manager for BaseballSoftballUK, said: “For new teams, these tournaments are paramount for learning rules that are difficult to coach in a training session.  Playing four or five games in a day is basically a quarter of the number of game most teams will play in a summer league.  It is fantastic to see the newer teams develop over the course of the day and see the softball bug really begin to bite!”

Comp Tournament

The first-ever Comp Tournament in the North West Series took place on Sunday 14 April.

The weather was similar to Saturday, but fewer outbreaks of sun and more wind resulted in a very cold day – as some might well expect in Manchester in April!  Needless to say, everyone remained firmly wrapped up throughout the day.

Seven Manchester-based teams entered, with six games scheduled for each team and finals for the top six.  So the seventh place team earned an early exit and a chance to warm up on the journey home.

After the round-robin, Mavericks, Camels and Greensox were tied with five wins each.  With head-to-head records for the three teams even, runs conceded throughout the day were totalled and excellent fielding paid dividends for the Mavericks and Greensox, who earned their spots in the final with fewest runs conceded.

Camels played Latinos for third place and the Tigers took on the Travelling Dodgers for fifth place.

Final standings

The final standings were:

1 -- Mavericks
2 -- Greensox
3 -- Camels
4 -- Latinos
5 -- Travelling Dodgers
6 -- Tigers
7 -- Mayhem

Luis Arrevillagas said, “We wanted to try something new fixtures-wise, giving every team as much game time as possible and maximum value for money.  Seven games in a one-day tournament is quite a triumph!  We have had really good feedback from team captains, who agree it is fantastic to get so many games under their belts before the season starts next month.”

Linni Mitchell added, “We felt there was a demand for Comp teams in the North West wanting to join in the North West Series fun and are thrilled with the uptake for NWS1.  These teams jumped at the chance to enter this one-day tournament a couple of weeks before the 2019 Manchester Softball League season is set to commence.  I want to extend my gratitude to all 17 captains who entered teams, our umpires over the weekend and our resident photographer Hafiz who has taken some cracking shots. 

“We already excited for North West Series 2 on 29-30 June and hope it will be as much of a belter as NWS1 turned out to be.”

Entry details

To enter a Rec team in North West Series 2 (29 June) click here

To enter a Comp team in North West Series 2 (30 June) click here

To enter a Rec team in North West Series 3 (17 August) click here.

To enter a Comp team in North West Series 3 (18 August) click here.

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