James Pearce resigns from the BSUK and BBF Boards

Wed 28 Sep 2011

James PearceJames Pearce has resigned from his positions on the BSUK and BBF Boards and as a member of BSUK's Development Strategy Committee in a letter received recently by BSUK Chair Geof Ellingham.

A former GB Baseball Team and British club player, James worked for a number of years for Major League Baseball International in London and then moved on to MLB's Head Office in New York, where he is currently Vice President for International Events, including responsibility for the World Baseball Classic.

Valuable contribution

While his input to the BBF and to BSUK was necessarily conducted mostly by long distance, BSUK's Joint CEO and Head of Operations Jenny Fromer paid tribute to its value.

"James Pearce served on the BSUK Board for over 4-1/2 years and in that time made a significant contribution to both the development of our sports and to our organisation," Jenny said.

"Throughout his tenure, James maintained a keen focus on our development work and ensured that BSUK maintained a club-centric approach to its activities. James was instrumental in improving the monitoring and reporting of our activities and placed a huge premium on quantitative data.

"Despite largely contributing from long-distance, he was always an engaged and committed Board member and provided a critical challenge to much of our work. There is no question that we are a better organisation for the time he spent on our Board," Jenny added.

Continuing role

Although James Pearce has stepped down from his formal positions within British baseball and BSUK, he is keen to continue contributing in whatever way he can. In his resignation letter, James noted that, "In recent months it has become increasingly apparent that my professional and personal commitments have risen to a level whereby I am no longer able to effectively fulfil the responsibilities of my positions with the two organisations.

"Although I feel I must step down from my formal roles," James added, "I continue to be passionate about the future growth and development of baseball and softball in Great Britain. I am hopeful that there will continue to be many opportunities in the future where I can provide support and assistance to both the BBF and BSUK. So please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you feel I can help with any specific project or initiative. I will gladly assist where and when I can."

His letter concluded: "There are a great number of committed, talented and passionate individuals who are well-placed to take the two sports to the next level and I wish them every success in that endeavour. I would also like to thank the tireless work of the members of both the BBF and BSUK boards, and particularly the hard work and dedication of John [Boyd] and Jenny [Fromer] and all the BSUK staff.  It has been a pleasure to work alongside everybody."

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