IBAF and ISF meet to discuss Olympic reinstatement

Sun 3 Apr 2011

The International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and the International Softball Federation (ISF) have announced an agreement to explore the feasibility of collaborating on a joint presentation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Olympic reinstatement for both sports in 2020.

In a vote taken in 2005 with a view to controlling the size and cost of future Olympic Games, the IOC dropped baseball and softball from the programme for London in 2012 and failed to reinstate either sport for the Games in 2016.


Treading Lightly

The IBAF and ISF, which are recognised by the IOC as separate international governing bodies for their respective sports, will now analyse the savings and reduced organisational impact that could be derived from a combined proposal that women's softball and men's baseball share a venue and share space in the Olympic village for the Summer Games in 2020.

The agreement to explore a joint reinstatement campaign comes after several years of resistance by the ISF, which felt that its chances for reinstatement depended on being seen as separate from baseball.


Compelling Case

Should an agreement be reached to work together, the IBAF and ISF believe they would be able to put forward a compelling case for reinstatement. The two organisations will work closely with the IOC to ensure that any joint proposal is in full compliance with the Olympic Charter.

The two Federations may hold further discussions at the SportAccord conference in London during the week beginning April 4.

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