High Performance Academy completes first stage of its winter programme

Tue 15 Dec 2015

BaseballSoftballUK High Performance AcademyThe HPA Class of 2016 is the biggest since the programme began in 2014.  A total of 55 athletes aged between 13 and 19 (38 from baseball and 17 from fastpitch softball) were selected from tryouts at the beginning of October.  This week was their final week of practice for 2015, and concludes the first stage of a programme designed to prepare the UK’s top baseball and fastpitch athletes for the 2016 season.

Following the October tryouts, HPA practice sessions started in November and have run for seven weeks.  Baseball practices took place three times a week at three venues across London and the South East, while softball practices have been held twice a week at the Langley Academy in Slough.

For those players not able to attend practices, support has been provided through the Academy and also a distance learning programme.

Building a foundation

The last seven weeks have focused on building an athletic foundation in preparation for the heavy work that will begin on the other side of Christmas. 

Athletes and parents were invited to attend an engagement day that included a series of physical tests to determine benchmarks and also what development work was needed to improve functional and sport-specific movement.  Following the testing day, strength and conditioning programmes have been issued to each of the athletes to help them address any imbalances in strength or flexibility.

Practices have focused primarily on hitting mechanics, individual defence and developing appropriate throwing routines.  ack 

HPA selections

The athletes selected to be part of the High Performance Academy programme over the 2015-16 off-season are:


Player Club
Michael Anunobi London Mets
Max Asher Essex Redbacks
Conor Baker-Latham Halton Baseball & Softball Club
Tom Ball Halton Baseball & Softball Club
Elliot Berger Zurich Barracudas
Connor Brown Herts Baseball Club
Brodie Carss Herts Baseball Club
Carlos Casal Herts Baseball Club
Rory Chandler Leicester Blue Sox
Timmy Demetris London Mets
Daniel Entwistle Halton Baseball and Softball Club
Jaime Gustafson London Mets
Coby Hargan Cartmel Valley Lions
Myles Janson Hull Scorpions
Ben Jones London Mets
Paris Ketema London Mets
Amade Dalton Ketema London Mets
Greg Kettle Brighton Baseball Club
Nathan Kettle Brighton Baseball Club
Graydon Koyanagi London Mets
Andrew Lee London Mets
Zack Longboy Herts Baseball Club
Matthew Moran Halton Baseball and Softball Club
Fred Mosier London Mets
Harry O'Brien Brighton Baseball Club
Emmanuel Oloyede London Mets
Connor O’Shaughnessy Richmond Baseball & Softball Club
Aidan Pearce London Mets
Jake Peremulter London Mets
Joseph Perez LondonSports
Matthew Pope London Youth Baseball League
Alex Reynolds Towcester Tigers
Miguel Rodriguez Bracknell Baseball Club
Oscar Stodart Hoofdoorp Pioneers
Jonathan Tolan LondonSports
Jaxon Tomchesson London Mets
Jamie Warren London Youth Baseball League
Matthew Waddington Liverpool Trojans

Fastpitch Softball

Player Club or League
Marianna Casal Great Britain Fastpitch League
Saskia Davies Leicester Blue Sox
Eliza Esiri LondonSports
Lily Ferragamo LondonSports
Lauren Futcher Farnham Park Baseball & Softball Club
Emma Harris Great Britain Fastpitch League
Ella Henson London Mets
Laura Hirai London Mets
Amie Hutchison Norfolk Softball Association
Theo Longboy LondonSports
Isobel Quy Leicester Blue Sox
Chelsie Robison Great Britain Fastpitch League
Laura Simpson Towcester Tigers
Annecy Stevens LondonSports
Georgia Street LondonSports
Chloe Wigington Great Britain Fastpitch League
Sian Wigington Great Britain Fastpitch League


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