BSUK reserves London Series tickets for baseball and softball volunteers

Sat 13 Apr 2019

BaseballSoftballUK has secured a number of tickets for the inaugural Mitel and MLB Present London Series 2019 between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox at the London Stadium on 29 and 30 June and will use them to reward the contributions made by volunteers in the British baseball and softball communities.

To buy these tickets, priced at £60 and £80 plus booking fee and shown as Seat Categories 7 and 8 on the seating diagram, volunteers from the groups set out below will need to apply by 23.59 on Monday 29 April.  BSUK will not be making any money from the tickets and will pass them on for exactly what was paid for them.

The link to apply for tickets is here

Those who have been successful will be notified by email on Tuesday 7 May.

While MLB has already put additional tickets for these games on sale on 11 April because of increased stadium capacity, the hope is that BaseballSoftballUK’s initiative will allow even more loyal baseball and softball volunteers to watch two of the most iconic and exciting teams in Major League Baseball as the sport comes to Europe for the very first time.

When the London Series comes around and the Yankees and the Red Sox come to town, there is every chance that they will both have recovered from their sluggish starts to the season and be vying for first place in the American League East!

Eligible applicants

Volunteers eligible to apply for BSUK’s tickets will come from the following groups:

Softball community recognition

  • Committee members from BSF-affiliated leagues – or leagues may nominate leaders from their teams or clubs.
  • Active BASU members.

Baseball community recognition*

  • Committee members from baseball leagues not affiliated to the BBF.
  • Active members of ABUA-GB.

* BaseballSoftballUK has an agreed working protocol with our Members around the MLB London Series.
   As well as BSUK’s efforts to realise baseball/softball outcomes from MLB London activity, we have been
  mandated by the British Softball Federation to work on their behalf for the benefit of the British softball
  community. The British Baseball Federation has put in place their own plans to engage with its
  members, including the provision of tickets.

Joint community recognition

  • Licensed coaches.
  • Qualified coaches.
  • Academy and HPA coaches and volunteers.
  • BSUK-registered Activators.
  • University baseball or softball team administrators.
  • Club Safeguarding Officers.
  • Little League Baseball and Softball Committee members, umpires and All-Star Team coaches.
  • People who have volunteered to help run a baseball or softball event over the past two years.

Application process

Applicants will be able to apply for up to two tickets for one London Series game.

Applying for tickets mean that you agree to purchase tickets if successful -- but applying does not guarantee that you will receive tickets.

Tickets are non-transferable and non-upgradeable, may not be re-sold and are non-refundable in the event you can no longer use them.

Have a go!

The Major League Baseball games that will be played in London this summer will be a once-in-a-lifetime event – especially for those already involved in our sports.  The games sold out almost immediately, and we know that many members of the British baseball and softball communities may have been unsuccessful when they applied for tickets.

By making some tickets available to some of the most important people in our sports – our volunteers – BaseballSoftballUK hopes that more community members will have the thrill of attending these games in person.

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