BSUK offers important services to Safeguarding Officers

Fri 11 Mar 2016

BaseballSoftballUK will be running a sport-specific course for baseball and softball league, club and team Welfare/Safeguarding Officers in April and is urging Welfare/Safeguarding Officers to update their details so BSUK can work more effectively with them.

Time to Listen course

BSUK is now authorised to deliver its own sport-specific NSPCC “Time to Listen” safeguarding courses. This three-hour course is highly recommended for all Welfare/Safeguarding Officers, as it provides essential information needed to carry out the role properly. Courses will be run throughout the year and around the country, and we will post announcements on the website as and when they are scheduled.


Important survey

In order that BSUK can serve and work effectively with Welfare/Safeguarding Officers throughout both sports, more information about the people taking on this role, and their previous training and experience, is required.

The information gathered will be used to improve communication with Welfare/Safeguarding Officers and to shape future safeguarding plans.

All league, club and team Welfare/Safeguarding Officers are urged to complete a brief survey form -- on -- so that BSUK knows who you are and what training you have had.

If you are – or would like to be – a Welfare/Safeguarding Officer within baseball and/or softball, please complete this form as soon as possible.

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