BSUK offers Educare safeguarding training - 50% discount to early birds!

Fri 13 Feb 2015

BaseballSoftballUK is launching an online training package aimed at equipping coaches and club welfare officers with the knowledge and skills required to protect the welfare of children and vulnerable adults in sport. We are offering a 50% discount on the price to early sign-ups for the course.

As child welfare and safety is the priority when working with young people in sport, all welfare officers will be required to complete a child protection safeguarding course to ensure that clubs and teams that have young players are operating to the highest standards. This will be mandatory from 2016.

Coaches looking to obtain a BSUK Coach Licence need a safeguarding qualification along with a valid DBS check and first aid certificate.

The training package

BSUK is offering licences to the Educare for Sport online training package developed in association with the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). This covers the following topics:

  • Child protection in sport and active leisure
  • Child protection refresher
  • Health and safety
  • First aid essentials (this is not detailed enough to act as a stand-alone First Aid qualification)
  • Preventing bullying
  • Equality and diversity
  • Safeguarding adults
  • Child exploitation and online safety
  • Personal safety
  • Safer recruitment
  • Basic food hygiene

The package is easy to use and highly flexible, allowing you to complete the training in stages when you have time. Each programme comes with its own personalised certificate of completion and the qualification is valid for three years, requiring only a refresher course to renew the qualification after that time.

The package costs £30 through BSUK, but we are offering licences at the special price of just £15 to each of the first 50 welfare officers and the first 50 coaches who sign up.

How to sign up

You can sign up by filling in a short application form online.

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