Baseball and softball leaders gather for the 2017 WBSC Congress

Wed 11 Oct 2017

Wednesday 11 October:  Baseball and softball leaders from over 100 countries are arriving in the African nation of Botswana today to participate in the second World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Congress, which opens on Thursday in the capital city, Gaborone.

In addition to WBSC Baseball Division and WBSC Softball Division elections, key agenda items will include reviews of the Olympic baseball and softball qualifying systems and format, the WBSC Constitution and new applicants for WBSC membership, as well as the awarding of hosting rights for future Baseball World Cups and Softball World Championships.

BSF President Jenny Fromer and General Officer Mike Jennings will represent the British Softball Federation at the Congress, while BSUK CEO John Boyd will be representing the interests of the British Baseball Federation.

The Congress is being hosted at the Gaborone International Convention Centre by the Botswana Softball Association, in conjunction with the Botswana National Sport Commission.

The official WBSC Congress general programme will begin Thursday 12 October and conclude on Saturday 14 October. 

WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari said: “The World Baseball Softball Congress in

Gaborone will be an important gathering of baseball's and softball's leaders to discuss and shape the future direction and international expansion of our global sport.  The WBSC is grateful to the Botswana Softball Association and the Botswana National Sports Commission for welcoming the World Baseball Softball family to the great city of Gaborone."


Elections will be held for positions within both the WBSC Baseball and WBSC Softball Divisions.

The Baseball Division has 15 nominated candidates for seven available posts.  The candidates represent 14 countries and territories, including Australia, Belgium, China, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Panama, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey and the United States of America.

The Softball Division has 22 nominated candidates for seven available posts.  The candidates represent 16 countries and territories, including Australia, Belgium, Botswana, Canada, China, Colombia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Turkey, the United States of America and Venezuela.

The WBSC Congress agenda also includes meetings of the WBSC Executive Board, the WBSC Baseball Executive Committee, the WBSC Softball Board of Directors, the Continental Baseball and Softball Confederations, the Francophone Association of Baseball Softball (AFBS) and various Commissions.

Events and awards

Future hosts for baseball World Cups and softball World Championships will be decided at the Congress, including the rights to host next year's U-15 Baseball World Cup, U-23 Baseball World Cup and Women's Baseball World Cup.

The WBSC will announce the following award winners for 2014-2017:

  • National Federation of the Year
  • Baseball Player of the Year
  • Softball Player of the Year
  • National Team Baseball Coach of the Year
  • National Team Softball Coach of the Year

New members will also be inducted into the WBSC Softball Hall of Fame.

A report on highlights from key decisions from the WBSC Congress will be posted on this website soon after the Congress has ended.

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