Find baseball and softball near you!

The map below shows the location of baseball and softball organisations (leagues, clubs, teams, and programmes) in the UK. This information is updated periodically with data provided by the individual clubs and leagues.

When you find a club near you, we strongly suggest you reach out to them directly, as they'll have the best information to get you playing!

Using the Team Finder

  • Enter a location to search for baseball and softball near then click 'Find Team'. You can filter results using the dropdown categories selector and the radius selector (e.g. within 50 miles of location)
  • Results will display on the map and in the list below it. Click on an organisation's map marker or name to display more information including links to their website and email (if available)
  • Click and drag the map to move around and use the + / - buttons to zoom in or out
  • Click the rectangular icon on the top-right to open up a larger version of the map

Key to map markers

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Put your organisation on the map

If you would like your baseball or softball organisation added or updated on the list, please use the form below to update your club/team information.