Grant Report Form

    Mandatory reporting mechanism for baseball and softball clubs and leagues who have been successfully awarded a BSUK facilities grant.

    BSUK Memorandum and Articles of Association

    The Memorandum and Articles of Association of BaseballSoftballUK Ltd., as prepared by the British Baseball Federation and British Softball Federation.

    Parent/Guardian Permission Form

    This form is designed to be completed by the parent or legal guardian of any player under the age of 18. Anything written on this form will be held in confidence. Once completed please return to BaseballSoftballUK.

    Joint Safeguarding Policy for Baseball and Softball

    This Joint Safeguarding Policy is mandatory for all BBF, BSF, BSUK officials, staff and members, and for members of all affiliated organisations when engaged in baseball and softball activities with young people.

    BSUK Facilities Strategy

    This document is the first comprehensive Facilities Strategy for our sports and it provides an excellent resource – not just for our member clubs but for our partners in the provision of baseball and softball facilities and development.

    Event/Tournament Equipment Hire Rates

    BaseballSoftballUK can provide baseball and softball equipment to domestic tournaments and events. Our hire rates ensure that equipment is maintained or replaced after the wear-and-tear of repeated use.

    BSUK Facility Grants Scheme: Programme Guidance Notes

    Information and guidance notes on the BSUK Facility Grants Scheme (2011).

    BSUK Facility Grants Scheme: Application Form

    Application form for the BSUK Facility Grants Scheme (2011).

    BSUK Facility Grants Scheme: pre-application checklist

    A pre-application questionnaire to help determine eligibility and suitability for the BSUK Facility Grants Scheme.

    Introduction to Indoor Softball

    An increasingly popular format of slowpitch softball during the winter months, here's an overview of how you can bring softball indoors. Please note that this guide has been modified due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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