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Perkins SladeThe Perkins Slade Baseball and Softball Coach Awards are a chance to recognise the hard work and expertise of coaches and volunteers in the British baseball and softball communities.

All attendees of the Coach Summit are invited to attend the Coach of the Year Awards Ceremony where a selection of canapes and drinks will be served from 5.00pm to 7.00pm at the Baker Hall room at Birmingham City University.

There are four categories that will be awarded - Community Coach of the Year; Young Coach of the Year; Youth Coach of the Year; Coach of the Year.

The nominations for the 2016 awards are as follows:

Community Coach of the Year

Paul Cooper
Kal Dimitrov
Barry Marshall
Linni Mitchell

This award is for the coach who best embodies the spirit of grassroots sport and who has engaged new participants and welcomed them into their club, team or league. Through their work in their community, such coaches ensure the development and growth of baseball and softball – not just today but in years to come.

Young Coach of the Year

Daniel Cannons
Dan Heywood
Rob Mosley
Matt Tomlin

This award is for an up-and-coming coach, aged 20 or under, who has demonstrated a particular interest and ability in coaching.

Youth Coach of the Year

Matthew Crawshaw
David Morris
Robbie Robison
Jocelyn Thompson

This award is for a coach who has demonstrated outstanding ability to engage and work with children and young people. The winner will be a coach who has made children of all ages welcome and excited about the sports of baseball and/or softball, as well as teaching them the skills needed to develop and reach their full potential both on and off the field.

Coach of the Year

Michael Burdett
Zach Graefser
Erick Henson
David Lee
Rachael Watkeys

This award will be for the individual who best personifies what it means to be a baseball or softball coach: someone who understands the sport(s) but, critically, can use the lessons learned on the field to motivate and engage others.

Perkins Slade Baseball and Softball Coach Awards

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